Saturday, March 22, 2014

No Recipe Required

We had a combined birthday party for the cousins on my side of the family. We decided to do a minion theme (a la Despicable Me). For dessert, we made some minion cupcakes (inspired by Pinterest).

Minion Cupcakes


Frosted cupcakes
Black gel frosting
Black string licorice


Cute Twinkies in half. Place one Twinkie half on each cupcake (standing up). Decorate Twinkies to look like minion faces.

Source: Pinterest (numerous posts--I don't know where the idea originated).

Notes: This was actually quite easy. Practice makes perfect and I improved with each cupcake.

Above: The minion on the first row, far left, is the first one I did. You can tell by the unsteady hand with the black gel frosting. :) As I said, I got better as I went along. The one in the far left on the back row is the last one I did...and it occurred to me that I should have made more with just one eye. Oh well!

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