Sunday, April 21, 2013

No Recipe Required: Classic Kid Treat

My Mom made these for us...I've made them for my kids...hopefully, the tradition will continue.

Dirt Cups


Pudding (instant pudding prepared according to package directions--or heck, you can even use pudding snack packs!)
Crushed Oreo cookies
Gummy worms


Divide pudding equally among glasses. Top with crushed Oreo cookies (if using snack packs, you can put the crushed cookies directly on top of the opened pudding cup rather than putting the pudding into a cup, of course).

Place one or more gummy worms on top of the crushed Oreo cookies.

Variation: Using vanilla pudding and crushed vanilla wafers or crushed golden Oreos, you can make Sand Cups instead of dirt cups. You can top your sand cups with beach or ocean inspired gummy candies instead of the worms.

Source: I think this was first thought up by the Kraft Recipes folks. You can find their slightly different version of the recipe here.

Notes: You can keep these simple, as seen above, or you can add a little more (as found in the Kraft recipe--they add Cool Whip, by mixing it into the pudding mixture. They also add crushed cookies into the pudding as well as on top of the pudding).

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  1. This tradition started when we used to have spotlight desserts and every child got to choose their own.