Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good to Know! How to Cut a Watermelon

You can find some pretty cool things on Pinterest.  I found a great tip on how to cut watermelon.  I wish I had known about this ten years ago!  It is so easy, a lot less messy, and makes for some very uniform and pretty cubes of watermelon!

Above: I had a very large watermelon.  I sliced it in half and then sliced each half in half (this is only half of the whole melon).  Place the watermelon on a jelly roll pan to catch the extra juices as it is cut.

Above: Start by slicing rows on top.

Above: The width of the slices depends on how big you want your watermelon cubes to be.

Above: When the top is sliced, slice the side in rows (so that it looks like the watermelon is striped any way you look at it).

Above: Once the top and side of the watermelon has been sliced (make sure to make deep cuts that reach all the way to the rind), make slices on the top of the watermelon in the opposite direction to make watermelon cubes.

Above: This is what it looks like.  You can see the cubes.  See the cubes?  You can see the cubes, right?  Please tell me you can!  :)

Above: Turn the watermelon upside down over a large bowl.  The loose pieces (that have been completely cubed) will fall out easily into the bowl.  Doesn't that make nice little uniform watermelon cubes?

Above: Some pieces will stay in because they are still attached to the sides of the watermelon (the rind) or because they need to be removed with a little more persuasion than the other cubes.  :)

Above: Cut between the watermelon and the rind all the way around the watermelon to finish loosening the fruit.

Above: Keep cutting...

Above: Almost done...

Above: Nice comparison shot.  You can see half of the watermelon that hasn't been cut yet and the other half that has been cut and removed from the rind.

Above: And here's the whole thing in a bowl.  The number of pictures might make this process look much more time consuming than it actually is.  But trust me, this is the quickest, easiest, most mess-free way to cut a watermelon that I've ever encountered!

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  1. Yes we can see the cubes and very useful to know, thanks! :)